Image of hot chocolate at Grenadier Restaurant in High Park

Wonderful Winter Photo Walk in High Park

Earlier this month, my husband and I enjoyed a walking photo tour in High Park.  This free event was presented by Nikon Canada as part of the City of Toronto Snap & Share photo contest.  Participants met at Grenadier Restaurant in High Park.  Before setting out on our tour, we received some photography tips from Kristian Bogner, a Nikon Canada Ambassador, on capturing winter moments.

Some of the tips Kristian provided can be found in this YouTube video:  One of his tips is to adjust the settings on your camera before taking a photo.  This increases your interest level in what you’re shooting and cuts down on the editing time afterwards.  I am such an amateur photographer — I am embarrassed to say that I haven’t learned how to use my camera yet (I couldn’t figure out how to adjust any settings!) and really should be taking a photography course since I love snapping pictures.  A stranger who wasn’t part of our tour even started giving me instructions on how to hold my camera!

In terms of our walk, Kristian and the Nikon team led us around what one of the event’s representatives said was only a fraction of High Park.  It was a bit strange to be capturing winter moments on a day with no snow in sight, but there still were signs of winter like the icy layer these ducks were standing on in this photo:


The pictures below show some of the other areas we walked by.






highparkconsentformMid-way through the walk, a Nikon representative started to hand out Multimedia Consent Forms.  As a lawyer (currently not practising, but having drafted many release forms), I found this moment interesting.  They wanted to ensure that we obtain a written consent if our photos include an identifiable individual.  They also reminded us to ask people for permission before taking their photo and obtaining their written release.  The contest rules do require entrants to submit a signed photographic consent form if the photo includes identifiable individuals.  Also remember that the City of Toronto, along with others described in rules, are able to use the photos you submit on a non-exclusive basis and as otherwise set out in the rules.  So they want to make sure they’re protected if they use your photos.

At the end of the walk, it was very nice of them to treat us to hot chocolate and donuts:


It was a wonderful photo walking tour on a beautiful, winter afternoon.  I saw parts of High Park that I had never seen.  There is definitely lots to explore in this park.

This was Nikon’s first year in organizing the walk.  Hopefully they will hold similar events in the future.

My photos for the contest, which aren’t published above, are now posted in the gallery of the Snap & Share website under the Toronto Walking Tour category — they’re the ones uploaded by “Eva Chan”.  Although there are judges, there is also a public voting process to select a People’s Choice winner.

If you took part in this walk, did you have a favourite moment, or was there a photo tip you found useful?

If you haven’t entered the Snap & Share photo contest yet, note that today is the deadline to enter.  There are five other categories you can enter: The Great Indoors, Winter Wildlife, Walking in a Winter Wonderland, Family Fun, and Colour in Winter.

Now go get snapping or enjoy the wonderful submissions on the Snap & Share website!

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2 thoughts on “Wonderful Winter Photo Walk in High Park

  1. You should take one of the intro courses at Henry’s – they’re not very expensive and in just three hours they give you the basics of how to hold your camera and what all those settings are actually for (and how many of them you’re never actually going to use). I did it in January and highly recommend it!

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