Something Different at These Two PEC Wineries

Vacationing in Prince Edward County with my cousin and her family was a nice balance of adult and children activities. OK, I’m sure the kids felt otherwise when we weren’t at the beach. Anyway, after visiting winery after winery, you see the same things. This can be trying for everyone when your party includes kids. I was very happy to see something different at Waupoos Winery and Huff Estates.

While visiting one of the many great wineries in PEC, someone told us to visit Waupoos Estates Winery so our kids could visit their petting zoo. Although my daughter did get the see the animals, I never did. I was caught up in selecting a chocolate from their candy store for an evening of wine, cheese and chocolate indulgence.

candystoreThere is a wide variety of confection you can choose from. Here are pictures of some of the sweet treats:




gelatoMy cousin and I ended up choosing the intense 72% dark chocolate from Cocoa Canyon for our evening wine wind-down. We all enjoyed this smooth dark chocolate. Each pack includes three individual bars.

winecheesechocolateAnother pleasant surprise was when we visited the Huff Estates Winery. Besides enjoying their wine, you can also admire the great artwork at the Oeno Gallery and Oeno’s Sculpture Garden. Both were wonderful places to stretch our legs:


sculpturegardenThe plaque for this piece called “Shout” by Terence McGlade encouraged us to “shout to your heart’s content” (hands off the other sculptures though!):
shoutYou actually could talk quietly and others can hear you when they went across the path to listen out of an ear:
earHave you visited any wineries in Prince Edward County? Have you come across any with something unique?

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