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Packing a Handful of Nuts and Chocolate Just Before Midnight

When mid-morning arrives, I’m always in need of a snack.  I’ve been meaning to pack some nuts with dried fruit for these mid-morning snacks.  Finally I made the time to pre-pack my snacks… just before midnight!

When everyone is in bed, that’s the time I get to myself.  Does this sound like you too?

Usually I’m still up doing things that are work-related.  This one night, though, especially since I had just bought some fresh nuts and a new dark chocolate bar, I owed it to myself to pack them into containers for the next few days.

So I threw some almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, and unsalted, roasted cashews into a few containers.  Next I chopped up a raspberry dark chocolate bar from Giddy Yoyo (72% cacao).


I love how the redness of the raspberries popped out of the dark chocolate.

chopped chocolate

The chopping took a bit more time than I would’ve liked, as I was trying not to make a mess with shreds of chocolate flying here and there. Washing the melted chocolate from my fingers after throwing the chopped pieces into the nut mixture probably took longer though!

I was going to add some dried cherries, as I’m a big dried fruit fan, especially when walnuts are part of the snack mix.  When I tried a piece of the chocolate, however, I felt the dried cherries weren’t needed.  The tartness of the raspberry in the dark chocolate-bitterness was sufficient to contrast the typical bitter-like walnut taste.

This was my first time trying a Giddy Yoyo dark chocolate bar. I’m definitely looking forward to trying new flavours. Their lemon lime 82% dark chocolate has piqued my interest.

So here are my nut and chocolate mixtures ready for me to grab when I need them:


I’ve been meaning to start a habit of packing myself snacks for a few days, so I can bypass the prep work each day.  I do pack my daughter’s snacks for school on a daily basis.  It’s always easier to accomplish things for others than for ourselves.

I hope by writing this blog post I will be starting this new habit for myself.  I am looking forward to creating different nut, chocolate and other munchable mixtures in the next few weeks!

What snack mix do you take the time to pre-pack for yourself?

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