Image of chocolate pizza from Max Brenner in New York City

NYC Breakfast at a Chocolate Bar and Restaurant

If you’re in New York City and love chocolate, you’ll need to visit Max Brenner.  It’s a chocolate bar and restaurant located in the Union Square area (and in other states in America and overseas).  Its motto is: Max Brenner creating a new chocolate culture worldwide.  Actually, it serves more than just chocolate-related food, and it’s open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  So it’s a great place to go even if those accompanying you aren’t chocoholics.


We went for breakfast one morning on a weekday and the restaurant was very quiet. For us, it was nice to get away from the hustle and bustle. We understand this place gets really busy on the weekends with long waits.


Our waiter told us that their chocolate pizza is very popular.  It sure looked tempting (see first picture above), but we weren’t in the mood for it for breakfast.

My daughter ordered the Waffle Trampoline Nets off the menu for kids:


The menu described it as a dish with “bouncing strawberries, clouds of cream and raindrops of chocolate”.  Not sure where the raindrops of chocolate were.  Perhaps they were the “puddles” of chocolate on the waffles, or maybe they had magically turned into gummy bears or the milk chocolate ganache was to create a chocolate shower?  Regardless my daughter very much enjoyed her breakfast.  I tried a bite when she was unable to finish her breakfast and was pleasantly surprised that the waffle, gummy bear, whipped cream combo topped with the ganache was actually tasty. I ended up having several more bites.  It made me think of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations Jelly Popping Candy Chocolate Bar, but without the pop and obviously less chocolate.

I ordered the Crepe & Egg:


It was a wheat crepe filled with scrambled egg, cheese, ham and spinach, and topped with a fried egg.  The portion was large — I couldn’t finish it — and it was delicious.  The waiter was so kind to give me a “chocolate lick” on the side.  It’s basically milk chocolate fondue.  It was indeed strange to delight in a little chocolate after having a piece of the Crepe & Egg, but I ended up wanting a chocolate lick after each bite of my breakfast.  Talk about getting addicted to chocolate fast!

My husband had the Cande’s Killer Breakfast Skillet:


We were surprised how large the portion was. The skillet was filled with scrambled eggs mixed with tons of ingredients like sausage, mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes and cheese.  It also came with a side of toast and lots of butter.  He was very happy with, and very full after, his meal.

Max Brenner also houses a chocolate store at the front of the restaurant. Here are some of the treats and other fun items you can buy:





If you take a look at Max Brenner’s menu on their website, I’m sure you’ll find a few things you want to try.  It’s too bad they don’t have a sampler dish.  I suppose that’s their way to get you to visit them again.  I wouldn’t mind visiting Max Brenner again the next time I’m in New York City.  Have you been to Max Brenner?  What was your favourite food?

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