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My Macaron Pre-Packaged vs Bakery Taste-Testing Experiment

What was I thinking?  I already knew the answer to whether pre-packaged macarons that have an expiry date many months away would taste good.  Yet I still had to buy two boxes of pre-packaged macarons, as I have never seen them sold in such a manner.

There was just something about being able to have macarons in the house… within my reach at any moment I wanted one.

I bought these boxes of macarons either from Homesense or Winners:


The box called “Macaroon” stated: “almond meringues with a lemon natural flavour cream filling”.  The confection was a product of Italy.  The outer shell didn’t have a sweet taste.  There was a slight crunch almost like biting into a cookie.  The overall experience of having these macarons was reminding of eating a “lady finger” that tasted like a lemon cookie than a lemony macaron.


The Macarons de Pauline were sealed differently.  They were very crunchy.  There was no softness to them like the Macaroons had.  The chocolate flavour did stand out.  Although I liked the Macarons de Pauline better than the Macaroons, I wouldn’t want to buy them again.  There is just no comparison to buying macarons from a bakery even when you eat the pre-packaged ones well before their expiry date.

I bought the macarons seen on the right hand side of the photo below from Loblaws.  It was a convenient place for me to buy them, especially for this taste-testing comparison.  Before this comparison, I have always skipped the macaron section of Loblaws, partly because of the price and have preferred to buy macarons at bakeries like a Bobbette and Belle.  I’m not sure where Loblaws gets their macarons or whether they make them in-house.


I loved the mix of vibrant colours among the pastel and more neutral ones.  After enjoying my time in seeing which flavours were available, I selected the strawberry daiquiri with a dark chocolate drizzle, blackcurrant and espresso ones.

Even though these macarons weren’t made that day (I was told they may have been around for five days already), they still tasted great.  There was a slight sweetness to the shell, followed by an instantaneous flaking when you bite into it, all ending in a soft landing cushioned by a flavourful filling.

That outing to get macarons (while getting groceries) was worth the wait (and the cost compared to the pre-packaged ones).  I stepped away from my desk to do something I liked and appreciated it — I actually like grocery shopping (except when it’s busy in the store, the items I want aren’t in stock, and the check-out lines are long!), but I’m referring to doing something to satisfy my eye-candy craving and taste buds, as well as for my blog.

So much for my wishful thinking to conveniently always have macarons available which actually taste good.  Oh how I wish I could sink my teeth into a macaron right now!  Actually, I do have some as I couldn’t help treating myself to some more today while doing some grocery shopping at Loblaws .  Here are some of the selections that were available:


I would be missing out on this changing array of enticing-looking macarons if I settled for pre-packaged macarons.  With my daughter, we selected the hazelnut, mango, vanilla french, and coconut ones (which are seen in the cover photo of this post).  Sharing these with my family will be my reward for finishing this month’s blog post.

Have you tried any pre-packaged macarons that are worth buying?  Where is your favourite place to treat yourself to macarons?

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