Image of marshmallow pops from Beanermunky Chocolate

I Spy Monsters, Cherries and Slices of Pizza

BCstorefrontI feel like a kid in a chocolate store when I walk into The Chocolateria in Toronto.  I had the same feeling when I visited Beanermunky Chocolate in Dundas, Ontario.

With today being National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day, I had to find something cherry-related.

Beanermunky Chocolate had chocolates consisting of a maraschino cherry dipped in Belgian dark chocolate.  Despite the Cherry Bomb being enrobed in dark chocolate, I was worried that it would still be too sweet.

So I kept searching for that cherry-chocolate, which was a lot of fun to do since this store is full of enticing chocolates to look at.



I was thrilled when I found a Black Forest Cake bar, not just for National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day but also for my love of cherries with dark chocolate.  The Black Forest Cake is a Belgian dark chocolate (72%) bar with cherries and dark chocolate sprinkles.  When you chew a piece, it’s a meld of a smooth, creamy dark chocolate base with a crunchy top and tart cherry flavour.  Very enjoyable!  I say it’s much better than actual black forest cake!




Beanermunky has many colourful and tempting choices, such as the marshmallow pops, fruit jellies dipped in chocolate, and Callebaut crispearls shown above.



Some fun chocolates include these bear paws and chocolate pizza shown above.


A more unusual product is their PB chocolate bacon.  Maybe the next time I return I will try that.  Have you tried it?

It’s always so much fun being a kid in a chocolate store.  I think I was enjoying the experience much more than my daughter!  Have you been to Beanermunky Chocolate?  What are your faves in this chocolate store?

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