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Having Too Much Fun with Squish Candies

The past few months I’ve been finding myself visiting Squish often. It’s a candy store located in the Queen Street store of Hudson’s Bay in Toronto. It’s bright, neat and full of candy treats you want to sample. In fact, Squish does offer samples of their gummies.


I recall first wandering into this little store with my parents and daughter. The staff were very friendly and eager to have you sample their gummy candy. So sample we did. Buying some bags of gummies we did as well. Since then I’ve been returning sometimes alone, and sometimes with my daughter.

Also, since then I’ve come up with a few things you can do with Squish candies:

1. Share them with family and friends

When I first visited the store with my parents and daughter, I was keeping my eyes open for Canadian gifts for our American relatives. I was delighted to hear that Squish is a Canadian company. It was founded in Montreal by Sarah Segal, who is the daughter of one of the co-founders of David’s Tea.


The gummies are visually appealing and taste great. We all loved the Prosecco Bears, Mango Maracuja and Red Roses. We bought some for ourselves and our relatives. My daughter and I also loved the Wet & Wild Watermelon. As you can see here, she was eager for me to stop shooting this photo:


I would love to see some candies with more of a Canadian theme. Perhaps Squish already has that around Canada Day, and I missed that offering.

Updated Feb. 2017: Yay, Squish now offers gummies in the shape of a maple leaf. Of course they’re maple flavoured! My daughter and I were pleasantly surprised that they weren’t very sweet at all. These “Eh Canada” gummies may be a bit dangerous for us, as we’ll go through the bag in no time.

Squish makes gift-giving easy. Check out these nicely arranged and packaged items:




I’ve been sharing Squish candies with family, friends, former colleagues and someone I’ve been mentoring. Have you been sharing?

2. Let your child play with them

Caution: you would entertain this idea only if your child is not a sugar monster. I’m lucky that my daughter isn’t one. The other day, she said to me, “Mom, I love oranges. They’re better than candy.”

So one rainy day, I gave her some bags of gummies from a Summer Mix bag to play with, along with some Ring Bling gummy candies .


This was my first time buying one of their mixed bags. I didn’t realize that each package contained the same kind of candies instead of each package containing one of each kind of candy. I wonder if Squish will one day have some bulk bins so we can choose which bags of gummies we would like to be in our own personalized mix.

Here is a photo of my daughter busy at play:


Here are some of her creations — an “in the water” setting and a “campfire” setting:



Do you also play with Squish candies?

3. Incorporate the chocolates into trail mix

I’m always looking for something different to put into our trail mixes. So I put some of Squish’s Tiramisu chocolates into our snacks of nuts and dried fruit.


They’re a hit! The first time I included them as part of my husband’s trail mix, he came home with a little bit of the nuts left but none of the Tiramisu chocolates.

I like how these dark chocolates aren’t too sweet despite having a caramel centre. The dark chocolate powder on the outside helps cut down the sweetness factor.

4. Make s’mores with the Choco Bears

I haven’t tried making s’mores with the Choco Bears yet (photo of bears featured at the top of this blog post), but I hear this is what many people do.

There isn’t a lot of chocolate inside these marshmallow bears, so I wonder if chocolate lovers are adding a piece of chocolate between the graham crackers. If I were to add in a piece of chocolate, it would be some dark chocolate given the sweetness of the bears.

These Choco Bears are fluffy and very good on their own. They are dusted with sugar. I can only have one or two bears at most in a single sitting given the sweetness. My daughter tells me her limit is one.

Hmmm… as I write this, I wonder if there’s a fifth thing you can do with Squish candies. If you work near PATH (Toronto’s downtown underground pedestrian walkway), you could incorporate a visit to Squish as part of your 10,000 steps goal.

There are so many appealing candies at Squish to try! Have you been? What are your favourite items in the store?

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