Gatsby Garden Party + Chocolate, Of Course!

As a blogger who uses chocolate as a common element in all of my posts, I like it when events involve chocolate! Recall those “naked” Baci chocolates I showed you in my last post, “Foodie Moments on Italian National Day at Casa Loma”?

Last month my family and I attended the Gatsby Garden Party at the Spadina Museum. It was a very hot, sunny day. Given the heat, we moved very slowly and sat in the shade which allowed us to admire the fabulous costumes worn by attendees.

Although there was dancing at this garden party, the most active thing we did was play croquet while we were decked out in 1920-style fashion. We learned that this game isn’t about muscle strength. It was more about using one’s shoulders and having a strategy. We very much enjoyed our game of croquet with our instructor.


We didn’t realize how big the grounds are at the Spadina Museum. Even though tickets for this event were sold out, I didn’t feel like we were elbowing one another.

The garden was full of beautiful flowers:



There was a “photo booth” where a photographer would take your picture. If you wanted to further accessorize your look, you could pick out props from their prop box.


The 1920s were known for their gangsters. You could even get a “mugshot” taken by one of the Museum’s photographers.

For the arts-and-crafters like my daughter, you could put together a silhouette. The actual silhouette was based on a pre-cut pattern to help save time in creating it.


Some of the vendors at the party included Le Petit Chapeau, which had very fabulous hats, and a pop-up post office, which sold postcards and was eager to take your mail on the spot and send it for you.

There were three food vendors. We tried pulled pork tacos from Bunz. Although they were messy to eat, we loved them. They were very flavourful.


And for the chocolate part, we tried for our first time baked goods from Madeleines. Their brownies are so delicious! I typically get “chocolated-out” eating brownies before I even finish one. With Madeleines’ brownies, I probably could have three in one sitting and these brownie pieces aren’t small.


Both my daughter and I enjoyed the cookies from Madeleines — me, the salted double chocolate cookie, and my daughter, the chocolate chip cookie.


When I saw the Chocolate Bourbon Pecan pie, I had to buy one for a post-party dessert. It is a winner if you’re looking for a pecan pie with chocolate to celebrate National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day on August 20.

piesI wanted to try Madeleines’ madeleines, but I needed to stop indulging! I agreed with the customer before me who kept buying and said that he needed to step away to stop buying more. I had to do the same since there were so many enticing-looking treats, including these raspberry and chocolate turnovers:


I’ll definitely be on the lookout for Madeleines at another local event so I can try their madeleines and more of their baked goodies.

We had an enjoyable time at the Gatsby Garden Party. Did you get the chance to attend?

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