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Foodie Moments on Italian National Day at Casa Loma

Last month my husband said we were off to Casa Loma for an Italian National Day celebration.  It sounded like fun, but I didn’t really know what would be happening at the event or even realized how large this event was until we started to walk around the grounds.

There was food galore!  I’ll let the photos below illustrate some of the types of food.  Overall, my taste buds were very happy!

Here are the three foodie moments that stood out for me…

…the bruschetta from Sud Forno, as they finished off their bruschetta creation with a dollop of basil gelato, and the entire combination was absolutely delicious and refreshing:


… the tender lamb skewers from Cibo:


… and the cannolis from Buca which were filled with buffalo ricotta, dark chocolate, Tuscan-spiced pistachio and a piece of candied orange:


Speaking of chocolate, this is what Baci chocolates look like before they are dipped in dark chocolate:


Although we got to sample Baci chocolates, there were no love notes accompanying the dipped confections they were giving out.

Here are pictures of some of the other food at the event:








Besides food there was live musical entertainment and, of course, a castle to explore. We had to walk through the castle tunnel to get to the children’s activities. This walk was very pleasant given how cool it was underground and how hot it was that day — we’ve walked through this tunnel a few times before so it wasn’t eerie to us.


One of the kids’ activities was making masks in the old horse stables:


As a family, we had a fun time at this event despite the scorching hot weather!  Did you attend?  What was your favourite food station?

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