Image of chocolate olives from La Cour Gourmande

Chocolate Olives and Other Chocolate Moments in Montreal

Before a recent trip to Montreal, I had never heard of chocolate olives. When I saw them at La Cure Gourmande, I had to ask whether there was actually an olive inside. Let me tell you a bit about the store before I let you know about the olive.

La Cure Gourmande sells chocolates, cookies, nougats, lollipops and other treats, all from France. Their Montreal store is their only Canadian location. They have stores elsewhere in the world such as in New York, Barcelona, and Berlin.

In Montreal, you can find La Cure Gourmande in Place Montreal Trust. When we first walked in, we saw this cookie display and the beautiful tins you can place the cookies in.

We were told that the cookie selection was quite bare due to the purchases that occurred for Valentine’s Day.

When we saw the cookies and the tins, we knew we had to buy a tin of cookies. Although the tins are for sale, they are free if you fill it up with cookies. It wasn’t hard for us to fill up a tin, as we wanted to try almost everything!

Most of the cookies are filled with something inside, such as a fruity filling, chocolate hazelnut spread, caramel, or apple and cinnamon. There are also some shortbread cookies.

Going back to the chocolate olives, there is no actual olive. The chocolates just look like olives. In the middle is an almond which is covered in dark chocolate with a coloured layer of white chocolate. They are an enjoyable treat.

Another place I enjoyed during our Montreal trip was Juliette & Chocolat. I’ve been there in the past, but didn’t have the chance to eat at the dessert restaurant. This time around, I got to sit down and try their hot chocolate and order off their menu.

For their hot chocolates, we were told that the “Grandma’s style” was quite popular. It’s a thick hot chocolate. You can choose whether you want it as a 70% dark, 55% dark, 33% milk or white. I originally chose the 55% dark and then changed my order to the 70% dark. My husband chose the 55% dark. I ordered a 33% milk chocolate shooter for my daughter, as I knew she wouldn’t be able to finish a regular-sized drink. This gave us a chance to do a mini taste test.

Although I love dark chocolate and do enjoy 70% dark chocolate, I couldn’t finish my hot chocolate. It was too bitter for me. I liked the 55% dark hot chocolate much better (it’s actually the one on the right in the photo above even though it’s darker than the 70%) — it was bolder and creamier. I was surprised that the 70% dark fell flat for me.

I knew that the milk chocolate version wouldn’t be for me. I found the 33% milk chocolate shooter quite sweet. Even my daughter couldn’t finish it.

I liked the 55% dark so much that when my husband was done, I took his spoon and started to scrape his mug when he wasn’t looking. A young man at another table noticed and laughed.

We also ordered some desserts to try. My daughter made an excellent choice when she ordered “The S’mores”. It has chocolate, caramel, fleur de sel and marshmallow flavours, which all worked well together.

I ordered “The Lemon meringue pie Petit Pot”. I so needed this contrasting flavour from the bitter hot chocolate I had ordered. I was very happy with my refreshing tasting dessert.

A couple days later, I found myself craving the 55% dark hot chocolate, and my husband wanted to try a chocolate crepe at Juliette & Chocolat. So we returned. Although I enjoyed the 55% dark hot chocolate, two thick hot chocolates (which are served in a creamer mug) within a few days was too much for me.

It didn’t stop me from having a few bites of my husband’s milk chocolate crepe. He said he needed the help given the size of the crepe. It was a nice, thin, tasty crepe. I opted for bites off to the side so there wouldn’t be too much milk chocolate. Otherwise it would’ve been too sweet for my taste.

Juliette & Chocolat does have savoury food too if you’re not a chocolate fan but your companions are or vice versa. For example, they have buckwheat crepes and salads.

While walking around Montreal, I noticed other chocolate places such as Chocolats Favoris in Complexe Desjardins. I can’t wait to return to Montreal to check this place out and others for more chocolate moments! Do you have any suggestions for my next trip back?

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