Something Different at These Two PEC Wineries

Vacationing in Prince Edward County with my cousin and her family was a nice balance of adult and children activities. OK, I’m sure the kids felt otherwise when we weren’t at the beach. Anyway, after visiting winery after winery, you see the same things. This can be trying for everyone when your party includes kids. I was very happy to see something different at Waupoos Winery and Huff Estates.

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Image of Giddy Yoyo Raspberry Dark Chocolate and Nuts

Packing a Handful of Nuts and Chocolate Just Before Midnight

When mid-morning arrives, I’m always in need of a snack.  I’ve been meaning to pack some nuts with dried fruit for these mid-morning snacks.  Finally I made the time to pre-pack my snacks… just before midnight!

When everyone is in bed, that’s the time I get to myself.  Does this sound like you too?

Usually I’m still up doing things that are work-related.  This one night, though, especially since I had just bought some fresh nuts and a new dark chocolate bar, I owed it to myself to pack them into containers for the next few days. (more…)

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Image of marshmallow pops from Beanermunky Chocolate

I Spy Monsters, Cherries and Slices of Pizza

BCstorefrontI feel like a kid in a chocolate store when I walk into The Chocolateria in Toronto.  I had the same feeling when I visited Beanermunky Chocolate in Dundas, Ontario.

With today being National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day, I had to find something cherry-related.

Beanermunky Chocolate had chocolates consisting of a maraschino cherry dipped in Belgian dark chocolate.  Despite the Cherry Bomb being enrobed in dark chocolate, I was worried that it would still be too sweet.

So I kept searching for that cherry-chocolate, which was a lot of fun to do since this store is full of enticing chocolates to look at. (more…)

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Image of Ice Cream in Cute Ice Cream Bowls

“Homemade” Vanilla, Coconut Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

Do you have appliances that you never use? My husband and I were so excited to buy our ice cream maker many years ago.  We were going to be creative and make all sorts of different flavoured ice cream.  Alas, we made one batch of vanilla ice cream and that was it.  We abandoned ice cream making because I think we found the texture of our batch was not the same as the store-bought kind.

Ice cream making made its way back into our life when my daughter and I recently tried an “ice cream shake” activity from a science kit.  We were surprised that we could turn liquidy milk into a more solid texture in five minutes.  My daughter liked the ice cream shake a lot (it consisted of whole milk, a few tablespoons of sugar, and drops of vanilla) that I decided to give the ice cream maker another try.

cuisinarticecreammakerSo I pulled out our Cuisinart 2 Qt Frozen Yogurt-Sorbet & Ice Cream Maker.

This time we would not try a “from scratch” recipe.  We enlisted the help of a Williams-Sonoma Vanilla Ice Cream Starter.

The only other ingredients required were half-and-half cream and heavy cream.


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Image of dark chocolate and wasabi peas

Ice Wine Slushies, Dark Chocolate and Wasabi Peas

IMG_1208Recently while having ice wine at one of the wineries in the Niagara-on-the-Lake region, we were told that the Ice House Winery serves ice wine slushies.

Yes, you read that correctly, a slushy made with ice wine!

I am not much of a wine drinker, but I love ice wine.  So the Ice House Winery was a must for me to visit in this region.

Upon entering the Ice House Winery, I saw two children having slushies.  Already I had a good feeling this was going to be a positive tasting experience even for my daughter.  (more…)

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Image of macarons from Delysees

A Chocolate Tour That’s More than a Chocolate Bite

Recently I took advantage of a Groupon to attend a chocolate tour of Toronto with my BFF.  The tour was offered by Best Tours.  The itinerary showed six places that we would visit around the King and Queen Street West area near Bathurst Street.

When the tour started, we learned that they no longer go to SOMA chocolatemaker.  I wasn’t overly disappointed, as I have been there before.  If you haven’t been there though, you need to stop in to try their chocolates.  It is just steps away from the starting point of the tour.


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Image of dark chocolate truffles and liquid chocolate from SOMA chocolatemaker.

Work-life Fit: Q&A with Wellness Coach over Chocolate — Part 1

I recently had the pleasure of having a dark chocolate break with Marla Warner, President of For Health Wellness Consultants.  Marla is certified as a stress management educator, professional wellness coach and a yoga instructor.  I feel like every busy professional needs someone to provide reminders and guidance on how to achieve a semblance of “work-life balance”.  I was fortunate to have this opportunity to ask Marla a few questions about balancing professional and personal demands.

Q:  What are some of the common concerns you see from lawyers and other busy professionals in terms of wellness?

A:  High stress levels are a key concern I hear from many people. This has also been corroborated by a number of Canadian studies.  We know that over half of employees working for large companies feel stressed and 1 out of 3 Canadians feels burned out.  That is a fairly significant statistic.


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Image of dark chocolate truffles from the Purebeauty Salon & Spa

A “Me” Moment with Chocolate Truffles and a Spa Session

Before my recent spa session at Purebeauty Salon & Spa at the Trump Hotel in Toronto, I was able to meet up with one of my lawyer friends.  I told her that I was finally going to use a spa gift card my husband had bought for me over two years ago.  She responded saying that she still has a pedicure gift certificate her husband gave to her over three years ago.  Why do moms (is it just moms?) not make time to use the pampering services our loved ones have given to us?! (more…)

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Image of cookies some made with chocolate chips and others made with chopped chocolate

Making Time to Chop Chocolate for Cookies

To end March Break, my daughter and I baked her favourite chocolate chip cookies.  These cookies — Bev’s Chocolate Chip Cookies — are made with whole-wheat flour and rolled oats, so they tip towards the healthier side.

I asked my daughter which chocolate bar she would like me to chop for the cookies. The reason is that I recently came across an article on whether to use chocolate chips in cookies, or chopped chocolate instead(more…)

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Image of Blink Chocolate Bark

Friends + Wine + Dark Chocolate = Happiness

Having wine with friends is common.  However, when was the last time you enjoyed wine with them along with dark chocolate?

Image of Blink dark chocolate barkI planned a get together with some friends to share a Sour Cherry & Cocoa Nib Bark from Blink that I had bought from The One Of A Kind Show.  I was told by a Blink representative that it was 70% dark chocolate.  She also said that it would pair well with red wine or port.  So off I went to the LCBO for suggestions on what would pair well with dark chocolate that had cocoa nibs sprinkled throughout.

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