Image of Jane Iredale PurePressed Blush in Mocha

Made Time for a Makeup Makeover

Last month I wrote about a “me” moment with chocolate truffles and a spa session at Purebeauty Salon & Spa at the Trump Hotel in Toronto.  I am humbled that my blog post landed me an invitation to their complimentary private Jane Iredale mineral makeup session.  I happily accepted the invite, along with a spa discount card that I would receive after the session.

I thought it was funny that I would be going to this beauty blogger event.  Why?  I am not a makeup type of person.  I don’t really bother putting it on mainly due to time.

I know I am not the only person who feels like putting on makeup takes time.  Once, while meeting up for lunch with an in-house counsel friend, she said she was extremely busy, but managed to squeeze in the time to put on lipstick for me!


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Image of dark chocolate truffles from the Purebeauty Salon & Spa

A “Me” Moment with Chocolate Truffles and a Spa Session

Before my recent spa session at Purebeauty Salon & Spa at the Trump Hotel in Toronto, I was able to meet up with one of my lawyer friends.  I told her that I was finally going to use a spa gift card my husband had bought for me over two years ago.  She responded saying that she still has a pedicure gift certificate her husband gave to her over three years ago.  Why do moms (is it just moms?) not make time to use the pampering services our loved ones have given to us?! (more…)

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