Something Different at These Two PEC Wineries

Vacationing in Prince Edward County with my cousin and her family was a nice balance of adult and children activities. OK, I’m sure the kids felt otherwise when we weren’t at the beach. Anyway, after visiting winery after winery, you see the same things. This can be trying for everyone when your party includes kids. I was very happy to see something different at Waupoos Winery and Huff Estates.

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Gatsby Garden Party + Chocolate, Of Course!

As a blogger who uses chocolate as a common element in all of my posts, I like it when events involve chocolate! Recall those “naked” Baci chocolates I showed you in my last post, “Foodie Moments on Italian National Day at Casa Loma”?

Last month my family and I attended the Gatsby Garden Party at the Spadina Museum. It was a very hot, sunny day. Given the heat, we moved very slowly and sat in the shade which allowed us to admire the fabulous costumes worn by attendees.

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Image of Haagen Dazs bar

Foodie Moments on Italian National Day at Casa Loma

Last month my husband said we were off to Casa Loma for an Italian National Day celebration.  It sounded like fun, but I didn’t really know what would be happening at the event or even realized how large this event was until we started to walk around the grounds.

There was food galore!  I’ll let the photos below illustrate some of the types of food.  Overall, my taste buds were very happy!

Here are the three foodie moments that stood out for me… (more…)

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Images of macarons from Loblaws

My Macaron Pre-Packaged vs Bakery Taste-Testing Experiment

What was I thinking?  I already knew the answer to whether pre-packaged macarons that have an expiry date many months away would taste good.  Yet I still had to buy two boxes of pre-packaged macarons, as I have never seen them sold in such a manner.

There was just something about being able to have macarons in the house… within my reach at any moment I wanted one. (more…)

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Image of Giddy Yoyo Raspberry Dark Chocolate and Nuts

Packing a Handful of Nuts and Chocolate Just Before Midnight

When mid-morning arrives, I’m always in need of a snack.  I’ve been meaning to pack some nuts with dried fruit for these mid-morning snacks.  Finally I made the time to pre-pack my snacks… just before midnight!

When everyone is in bed, that’s the time I get to myself.  Does this sound like you too?

Usually I’m still up doing things that are work-related.  This one night, though, especially since I had just bought some fresh nuts and a new dark chocolate bar, I owed it to myself to pack them into containers for the next few days. (more…)

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Image of chocolate pizza from Max Brenner in New York City

NYC Breakfast at a Chocolate Bar and Restaurant

If you’re in New York City and love chocolate, you’ll need to visit Max Brenner.  It’s a chocolate bar and restaurant located in the Union Square area (and in other states in America and overseas).  Its motto is: Max Brenner creating a new chocolate culture worldwide.  Actually, it serves more than just chocolate-related food, and it’s open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  So it’s a great place to go even if those accompanying you aren’t chocoholics.


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Image of hot chocolate at Grenadier Restaurant in High Park

Wonderful Winter Photo Walk in High Park

Earlier this month, my husband and I enjoyed a walking photo tour in High Park.  This free event was presented by Nikon Canada as part of the City of Toronto Snap & Share photo contest.  Participants met at Grenadier Restaurant in High Park.  Before setting out on our tour, we received some photography tips from Kristian Bogner, a Nikon Canada Ambassador, on capturing winter moments.

Some of the tips Kristian provided can be found in this YouTube video:  One of his tips is to adjust the settings on your camera before taking a photo.  This increases your interest level in what you’re shooting and cuts down on the editing time afterwards.  I am such an amateur photographer — I am embarrassed to say that I haven’t learned how to use my camera yet (I couldn’t figure out how to adjust any settings!) and really should be taking a photography course since I love snapping pictures.  A stranger who wasn’t part of our tour even started giving me instructions on how to hold my camera!


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Image of marshmallow pops from Beanermunky Chocolate

I Spy Monsters, Cherries and Slices of Pizza

BCstorefrontI feel like a kid in a chocolate store when I walk into The Chocolateria in Toronto.  I had the same feeling when I visited Beanermunky Chocolate in Dundas, Ontario.

With today being National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day, I had to find something cherry-related.

Beanermunky Chocolate had chocolates consisting of a maraschino cherry dipped in Belgian dark chocolate.  Despite the Cherry Bomb being enrobed in dark chocolate, I was worried that it would still be too sweet.

So I kept searching for that cherry-chocolate, which was a lot of fun to do since this store is full of enticing chocolates to look at. (more…)

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Image of chocolate almond croissant with freshly squeezed orange juice from Pain Perdu

Delicious Croissants and Pain Perdu at this French Bakery in Toronto

painperduWhile walking along St. Clair Avenue West one day, my husband and I came across a French bakery called Pain Perdu.  There are a few tables at this bakery, which also offers a sit-in service.  Since our daughter loves croissants, we wanted to pick one up for her as an after-school snack.  She was happily surprised when we gave her the butter croissant.  It was very much to her liking.

Before leaving Pain Perdu that day, we were told that their pain perdu was a very popular dish for their sit-in customers.  We learned pain perdu is French toast.  Since we never had pain perdu at a French bakery before, we decided to return another day for breakfast.  We didn’t need to convince our daughter about having breakfast there, as she was eagerly awaiting to have another one of their butter croissants. (more…)

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Image of chocolate-frosted carrot cake and tiramisu from Vino Rosso

Family Dinner Out: Go Fish and Chocolate-Frosted Carrot Cake

Several weeks ago my family and I tried a prix fixe menu offered by an Italian restaurant we’ve never been to.  Our taste buds were pleasantly delighted at Vino Rosso, which is located in the Bay and Wellesley area of Toronto.

I hadn’t thought of this place as a family place, especially since we were the only patrons with a child when we were there.  It was only after we left that I realized Vino Rosso is a nice place to have a family dinner.   (more…)

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