Image of cookies some made with chocolate chips and others made with chopped chocolate

Making Time to Chop Chocolate for Cookies

To end March Break, my daughter and I baked her favourite chocolate chip cookies.  These cookies — Bev’s Chocolate Chip Cookies — are made with whole-wheat flour and rolled oats, so they tip towards the healthier side.

I asked my daughter which chocolate bar she would like me to chop for the cookies. The reason is that I recently came across an article on whether to use chocolate chips in cookies, or chopped chocolate instead(more…)

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Image of Hawaiian Host Milk Chocolate AlohaMacs

How a Box of Chocolates Inspired a Hawaiian-Themed Dinner

I wish I were saying “Aloha!” from sunny, warm Hawaii.  Given the recent warm-up in Toronto, I really should not be complaining though.

I was thinking about Hawaii recently given that when my cousin from Hawaii visited with his family last year, they brought over a box of Hawaiian Host chocolate-covered macadamia nuts and other Hawaiian treats.  Since I wanted to share this far-away treat with others, it inspired me to plan a Hawaiian-themed dinner with my Canadian cousin and her family. (more…)

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