Image of Koppra and Holosugar Chocolate Bars by Alicja Confections

10 Booths That Caught Our Eyes at the One of a Kind Show

My family and I always look forward to attending the One of a Kind Show. The Spring show is happening now in Toronto. It ends this weekend on Sunday, April 2nd.

We went the first night and were very happy that it wasn’t crowded. It allowed us to spend more time checking out the food and art products, as well as speak with the artists. We left the show happy and with many bags of goodies and creative items.

Here are 10 booths that caught our eyes while we were at the show (in no particular order; thank you to all of these artists for allowing me to take photos of their creative works):

1. Alicja Confections

One booth I ended up spending quite a bit of time at was Alicja Confections. I found my new go-to chocolate for my American relatives in terms of gifts from Canada!

This company is based in Ottawa and creates chocolate bars packaged in an eye-catching envelope. The envelopes are designed to be sent as a postcard to someone (unless you finish the chocolate bar before you can find a stamp). In short, a postcard chocolate bar.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Alicja herself. I told her that I liked dark chocolate, but nothing spicy and not something that was too bitter (especially given my recent experience at Juliette & Chocolat). She suggested the “koppra”, a coconut dark chocolate (58% cacao). We were very happy with her suggestion. It was a nicely bold, creamy, smooth dark chocolate that was not bitter.

I was going to also buy the “colouring book” bar, which is a rainbow sunflower seeds milk chocolate. It comes with crayons so you can colour the packaging.

I, however, wasn’t sure if my daughter would like the sunflower seeds. So instead we ended getting the “holosugar”, which is a cotton candy sugar milk chocolate (38% cacao). Surprisingly it wasn’t as sweet as we thought it would be.

I love how these chocolate bars are thoroughly covered with the featured ingredient. I’m definitely looking forward to trying more chocolate bars from Alicja Confections in the future.

2. Serif & Glyph

My daughter and I fell in love with the pieces at the Serif & Glyph booth. Owner and designer Isabelle Yam hand-painted white tea cups with cute designs. Some are also turned into candles or a plant pot for cactus or succulents.

We ended up buying a cute little garden of succulents in a unicorn tea cup.

3. Luuee

My daughter and I adored these colourful baskets from Luuee.

Did you notice the tiny bunny ears? I hope the person we’re going to give one of these baskets to will find it as cute as we do.

There is a strap to the basket, so they would make a great Easter gift. This booth also has pencil cases and clutch bags made with nice fabric patterns.

4. East Van Light

Next to Luuee is East Van Light. How can you walk by this booth without stopping to look at these fabulous vintage lamps on a sleek, unique block of wood, or turning the knob to adjust the brightness?

5. Renu D’Cunha

We really enjoyed speaking with artist Renu D’Cunha. She uses glass paint and no paint brushes to create the pieces shown under and next to her name in this photo.

So how does she create her paintings? She places some paint onto a canvas and moves the canvas around with her hands! This photo does not show her paintings well at all. You have to see them in person. We were so impressed at how her technique resulted in these silhouettes wearing a dress with beautiful fluid detail.

6. Butterpot Designs

Butterpot Designs creates personalized travel maps and handmade map marking pins. An example is this “Wineries of Niagara” map.

You can buy tiny wine glass push pins (which come in different colours) to mark which wineries you’ve visited.

7. Studiostone

This is a soapstone carving kit created by Studiostone.

My daughter will be busy carving/sculpting a bear. We were told that the project takes about 90 minutes. Each kit comes with a different animal, such as a cat, wolf or turtle.

8. Leventhal-Vermaat

If you’re looking for a way to showcase your guitar without using floor space, check out this wall hanger from Leventhal-Vermaat.

9. Dreampower

We always love looking at the cute, fun, and whimsical headbands at the Dreampower booth. If only I could find an occasion to wear them!

10. Katy Montica

I’m pretty sure that if you attend the show, you won’t miss seeing this spectacular needle felt on foam base.

This lion head was created by Katy Montica, and is quite a sight! I wonder how many hours it took her to create it!

Actually, a lot more things caught our eyes and delighted our taste buds. With a show this large and the organizer looking to bring unique items to entice us to buy, it’s hard to mention them all.

If you went, or end up going, to the the One of a Kind Spring Show, tell me what caught your eyes.

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